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Workshops in the Prison

In 2022 and 2023 Julien Rossin and Luah Marques a.k.a Les Oiseaux Perchés are invited to lead contemporary dance and hip hop workshops at the Marseille Penitentiary Center - les Baumettes.

We worked with 2 mixed groups (2022 and 2023) around experiments in musicality, hip hop vocabulary, isolation and understanding of the body, improvisations, choreography and social steps.

We offered a restitution at the end of the process, with guests from inside the penitentiary center.


Workshop initiated by the Vol Plané company, in partnership with the Marseille School of Fine Arts and the Pierre Barbizet Conservatory, Aix-Marseille University and the Marseille National Dance School.

Accompanied by 3 artists, for 6 days this laboratory favors the idea of the gesture and not the production of a finished object.

Festival de Marseille

Workshops as part of the Artistic and Cultural Education Program of the Festival de Marseille. During the 2022 school year, Luah among other artists leads contemporary dance workshops with the theme of free inspiration from the book Women who run with the wolves, by Clarrisa Pinkola Estés.
The workshops gave rise to a restitution during the Festival, on Thursday June 23 at the Théâtre La Criée.

Festival de Marseille

With Rope, the blue rope created by the Belgian artist Ief Spincemaille, Luah Marques - artist associated with the Festival - offers a dance experiment with students from Aix-Marseille University, in different environments, indoors and outdoors, to bring Rope back to life.
And a restitution produced by the Festival de Marseille at La Criée - Théâtre National Marseille.

Let's Fly Little Birds

Transmission program of the cie Les Oiseaux Perchés.
Luah Marques & Julien Rossin contemporary and Hip Hop dancers, based in Marseille offer a Hip Hop / Contemporary dance workshop. The meeting will focus on techniques and experimentation with musicality, isolation, improvisation processes, and the bases of the dances that make up the entire hip hop body/movement in connection with contemporary dance.

Vertical Dance Workshop

Discovery of vertical dance technique:

bases, experiments, improvisations

Warm-ups and understanding of the body on the ground

Experimentation and awareness of vertical gravity

Work on techniques, phrases and free exploration

Collectif B - Trainings Pro

January 2021

Studio Olga Semenova

Dance training dedicated to professional dancers.
Luah Marques, associate artist and co-founder of the collective, brings a hip hop touch during the week.
With dance techniques from Los Angeles, Fresno, the west coast of the United States, Luah offers us contemporary dance training with Popping, Isolation and Dime Stop and work on rhythm for contemporary dancers.

Ateliers Topologie Mouvementé

Our body is our first territory. Explore and explore yourself. The dancers invite the children to experience their bodies in movement in a setting that is familiar to them but whose creative potential they discover.
Project led by Cie Itinerrances and Pôle 164.


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