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Interpreter for the nw creation from the company Transe Express, specialized in Art Celeste - large format -, choreography by Antoine le Menestrel.

Groupe Miroir

Choreographer for the latest project of the Miroir Group, young people who were followed for 3 years in an artistic approach around theater. Co-production with Le ZEF Scène National de Marseille and La Gare Franche.


Vol Ephémère

Interpreter for the show Vol Éphémère, a vertical dance duo on a facade, with musicians perched or not.

Topologie Mouvementée

Interpreter with Julien Dégrémont in the show Topologie Mouvementée, directed and choreographed by Christine Fricker.


Jouer dans le Vide

Vertical dance performer in the company's first piece in 2019. Interpreter and creator.


Port des Créateurs, le Collectif B

Interpreter and creator for the performance Caelesti, commissioned for the exposition of the same name, at the Port des Créateurs in Toulon. The project Collectif B also conducts regular training for professional and semi-professional dancers in Marseille.




First collaboration with Luah Marques in France, in 2019. Interpreter for the show Destinations, by Wilfried Ohouchou, contemporary dance and hip hop.


Dancer interpreter.
Internet Strangers is a rap group who don't know each other in real life.
The project is designed and produced entirely online, between rappers from several countries.
NOMINATED FILM: MoziMotion (Netherlands) Short Film Festival (Nigeria) East Anglian Student Film Festival (UK) Festival na Sopstveni Pogon (Serbia) FARCUME - Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de Faro (Portugal) Cinema Perpetuum Mobile ISFF (Belarus) Take-off sessions (United States) Audience Award - Music Shorts Film Festival 2019 (USA) Audience Prize - Hip Hop Culture Film Festival 2019 (United States) Joinville International Short Film Festival ( Brazil) Curitiba Biennale Cinema Festival (Brazil) FAM - Florianópolis Audiovisuel Mercosul (Brazil)

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Cia Base 

2015 to 2018

Vertical Dance Company

Beginning of these studies in vertical dance with Cie Base, in Brazil. Directed by Cristiano Cimino, Luah was part of the company for 4 years, with the experience of presenting one of the shows at the height of 96 meters, at the Centro Cultural Fiesp.

São Paulo Fashion Week

Cavalera brand show during Fashion Week in São Paulo - SPFW


Cia Anacã

2013 to 2016

Modern Jazz Company

In Brazil, Luah collaborated with Edy Wilson and Helô Gouvêa and the Anacã Company, specializing in Modern Jazz.

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