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New creation 2024-2025
Vertical and aerial dances in relation to Hip Hop and contemporary

Creation and performance: Luah Marques and Julien Rossin

Supported by of Pôle 164, Coco Velten

In progress


Dance/music creation 2024-25 for the street

Creation and interpretation : Luah Marques, Julien Rossin and Matthieu Fabre

With the support of Klap Maison pour la danse in Marseille and the Olivier theater in Istres

In progress


Où l'On Danse

Atelier de danse & Soirée | DJ Set

OOD is a dance project created in relation to the cycles of the moon. It’s a moment suspended in time to connect with yourself, your body, your breath but also connecting with Others: amateur dancers, professionals, those who dance in the room, in the studio, in the bath. It’s for everyone who is under the moon!

With a mix of different techniques and concepts, Luah Marques offers a workshop of approximately 45 minutes filled with games and tools for dancers, even the less experienced. Without the codes of a specific technique, the invitation is made, so the moon party continues!

The dance floor is ready to dance with the rhythm of the live DJ sets!

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